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This is the first polyglot blog about places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. / Primer blog políglota sobre lugares y eventos de Palermo Viejo, el barrio más “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Este é o primeiro blog poliglota sobre lugares e eventos de Palermo Viejo, o bairro mais “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Premier blog polyglot sur boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et événements de Palermo Viejo, le quartier plus “trendy” de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

7 top things to do on your visit to Palermo Viejo

There is a Carnival of Cities going on and I decided to participate with this post.

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras. Don’t be confused. Don’t get lost. We are talking about Palermo Viejo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where most of the streets are named after a Latin American country.
So, here is my tip # 1: get a free set of 3 maps of the neighbourhood (with listings of hotels, shops & restaurants) as soon as you arrived. You can get it at Atípica (El Salvador 4510).
Tip # 2: El Salvador, Honduras & Costa Rica are the main streets, where you will find most of the trendiest shops. Walk them along from Scalabrini Ortiz Ave. up to Borges St. and stroll along Malabia, Armenia & Gurruchaga streets as well.
Tip # 3: Visit Plaza Cortázar. If you like crowds, go during the weekend, after 4 PM. If you prefer to observe the quiet charm of the ‘hood, visit during the morning or on weekdays. See my short post "What I like about Plaza Serrano".
Tip # 4: Try any of the more than 300 restaurants that Palermo Viejo offers. Check out some of my reviews at the side column under "Eating" or indulge yourself at any other place. Take a look at Guia Oleo as well, for recommendations. Please, share your experience with us, by sending your comments.
Tip # 5: Experience Palermo Viejo at night.
Tip # 6: If you love photography, Palermo Viejo offers very interesting shots. So, don’t forget to bring your camera. Check out Pasajes Santa Rosa, Soria & Russel. Take a look at my Doors of Palermo Viejo photos.
Tip # 7: Last but not less important: go shopping. Find indie design, designers’ boutiques and recently stablished famous labels & big brands. Interested in Arts and Crafts by local artists? Sterling jewelry, loom made scarves, arsty tops or home accents with ethnic motives? Check out Atípica & find much more. Lonely Planet wrote about it: “Quality is high and prices fair”. It will also be a nice opportunity for me to meet my readers, and give you extra recommendations, if you want.
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Find more info about Palermo Viejo here. Enjoy it!
It was a long post, so I'll upload it in Spanish & Portuguese separately soon.

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