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This is the first polyglot blog about places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. / Primer blog políglota sobre lugares y eventos de Palermo Viejo, el barrio más “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Este é o primeiro blog poliglota sobre lugares e eventos de Palermo Viejo, o bairro mais “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Premier blog polyglot sur boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et événements de Palermo Viejo, le quartier plus “trendy” de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

El Salvador 4600-4700

A few days ago I posted "El Salvador 4500-4600". Today, let's walk one more block.
On the corner of El Salvador at Malabia St., you'll notice an art-deco house turned into a trendy shop. This is Tucci ( Just on its left, on the first floor, kitsch El Diamante restaurant, is a Sergio De Loof creation & is included in the Condé Nast Traveler's Hot List Nights 2005. Cluny (El Salvador 4618, is a "resto de charme" as they call themselves. On the same block, Nadine Zlotogora (El Salvador 4638, is worth a visit. Almost at the corner, you'll reach Humawaca ( for leather stuff, Owoko ( for kids clothing, and at the corner, Cora Groppo ( Across the street, on El Salvador, you'll find Eufemia (El Salvador 4601), Boating's shoes), Chibel (El Salvador 4611 for kids clothes, brand-new De la Ostia (women's clothing), Vintage (men's clothing), Mariano Bress (El Salvador 4645), Lupe (El Salvador 4657), Mishka (El Salvador 4673) for trendy shoes, visit Mercer if only just to see the shop (El Salvador 4677), & brand-new restaurant Mott, almost at the corner.


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