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This is the first polyglot blog about places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. / Primer blog políglota sobre lugares y eventos de Palermo Viejo, el barrio más “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Este é o primeiro blog poliglota sobre lugares e eventos de Palermo Viejo, o bairro mais “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Premier blog polyglot sur boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et événements de Palermo Viejo, le quartier plus “trendy” de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let's tango!

The VIII Buenos Aires Festival Tango will take place from February 24th to March 5th.
Check out the complete schedule:
This site offers complete information about tango artists, shows, latest releases, the new Buenos Aires writers, keys and lyrics, articles, interviews, tango contests and more.
Find out all about Palermo milongas ( and Tango classes in Palermo (
Let's tango!


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