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Trendy Palermo Viejo

This is the first polyglot blog about places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. / Primer blog políglota sobre lugares y eventos de Palermo Viejo, el barrio más “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Este é o primeiro blog poliglota sobre lugares e eventos de Palermo Viejo, o bairro mais “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Premier blog polyglot sur boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et événements de Palermo Viejo, le quartier plus “trendy” de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello, dear Readers!

It’s been a looooong time. I haven’t been posting because my life has
changed completely during the past year and I’d like to share some
news with you.

First of all, I got married and moved to the US. My loving husband is
Argentine but he's been living here for more than 20 years. So, now
I’m living in New Jersey and facing the challenge of both adapting to
life in a new country (with snow) and continuing with my career.

Second, the Atípica store is still open in Palermo Viejo. My dear
friend Mariana runs the business now, and she will be sending you
updates about new arrivals as usual.

In the meanwhile, I opened an online shop where you’ll be able to get
one-of-a-kind brand-new items that I’m making myself in my studio at
home and some of your old favorites.

I’ve also been taking tons of photographs. I’ve been creating
calendars with pictures of New York, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Hoboken, besides my Buenos Aires, Tango
and Uruguay prints. Online galleries for my works can also be seen at
As I’m no longer in Buenos Aires, I won’t be able to continue writing
about the neighborhood, but I invite you to send me your posts and
I’ll be glad to add them to the blog. Share your experiences, photos,
favorite shops and restaurant recommendations, and so on.

Looking forward to staying in touch with you! And if any of you are in the NY-NJ area, it would be fun to meet you!