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Monday, November 02, 2009

DUMBO: Soho like it used to be / Como el Soho era antes / Como o Soho era antes / Comme le Soho était avant

Empire Fulton Ferry Park.
In my recent trip to the US I visited DUMBO (down under the Manhattan & Brooklyn bridges). This part of Brooklyn reminds us of what Manhattan’s Soho used to be, and in many ways, to Palermo Viejo and its cobblestone streets, factories turned into luxury lofts, warehouses transformed into art galleries, restaurants and brand-new high rises built by developers seeking for lucre. I actually found more street art here than at Soho. And of course, you have that wonderful view of Manhattan skyline from the Empire Fulton Ferry Park. You can read about this area here. Map and more info. Well, many of my readers definitely know Dumbo and Soho better than I, so if you’d like to share your opinion, comparison, photos or thoughts about these neighborhoods and Palermo Viejo with us, it would be great.

Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.
En mi viaje a los Estados Unidos, también recorrí el DUMBO (nombre dado porque la zona abarca debajo y entre los puentes de Manhattan y Brooklyn). Esta parte de Brooklyn nos recuerda a lo que el Soho de Manhattan solía ser pero mucho, también, a Palermo Viejo y sus calles de adoquines, sus fábricas transformadas en lofts, depósitos convertidos en galerías de arte, restaurantes y nuevos emprendimientos inmobiliarios que buscan el lucro. Encontré más arte urbano aquí que en el Soho. Y por supuesto, la espectacular vista de Manhattan desde el Empire Fulton Ferry Park. Pueden leer sobre DUMBO aquí. Mapa y más info. Muchos de mis lectores conocen Dumbo y Soho mejor que yo así que si quieren compartir sus opiniones, comparaciones, fotos o pensamientos acerca de estos barrios y Palermo Viejo con nosotros, sería genial.

Na minha viagem aos Estados Unidos, eu também visitei o DUMBO (chamado assim porque a área fica entre e debaixo as pontes de Brooklyn e Manhattan). Esta parte de Brooklyn nos faz lembrar o Soho de Manhattan de antes, e também, ao Palermo Viejo e suas ruas com antigas fábricas convertidas em lofts, galpões transformados em galerias de arte, restaurantes e novos empreendimentos arquitetônicos em busca de lucro. Eu vi mais arte urbana aqui do que no Soho. E claro, a vista maravilhosa de Manhattan desde o Empire Fulton Ferry Park. Podem ler sobre este bairro aqui. Mais informação. Muitos dos meus leitores conhecem Dumbo e Soho melhor do que eu, então os convido a compartilhar suas opiniões, pensamentos, fotos e comparações entre estes bairros e Palermo Viejo com nós.
Corner in Dumbo and street art.

Street art.

Shop and more street art.
Dans mon récent voyage aux Etats-Unis, j’ai visité DUMBO (dessus et entre les ponts Manhattan et Brooklyn). Cette partie de Brooklyn nous rappelle ce que le Soho de Manhattan était, à bien des égards, de Palermo Viejo et ses rues pavées, des usines transformées en lofts, des entrepôts convertis en galeries d’art, des restaurants et tout nouveau gratte-ciel construit par les développeurs qui cherchent de lucre. J’ai trouvez plus d’art urbaine ici que dans le Soho. Et bien sur, la plus belle vue de Manhattan dès l’Empire Fulton Ferry Park. Vous pouvez lire sur ce quartier ici. Plus. Plusieurs de mes lecteurs connaissent Dumbo et Soho mieux que moi, alors si vous voulez partager vôtres opinions, comparaisons ou photos sur ces quartiers et Palermo Viejo avec nous, ça sera génial!

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Blogger neostructuralist said...

Hola, I work in Dumbo right now (you took a picture of my building - one next to the large archway!) and have spent some time in Palermo Viejo several years ago. I also am planning to return to BA for a month or two next year as well.

I find Dumbo to feel more like a combination of Tribeca and Soho. The buildings in Dumbo are more like the scale of buildings in Tribeca - large older buildings that take most or all of a city block. But the art scene in Dumbo today feels a bit more like an "earlier" version of Soho (10-15 years ago).

Palermo Viejo if I had to compare to one neighborhood in New York would say it feels like Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Both neighborhoods are in gentrification/revival, still somewhat artsy, have a good restaurant/bar scene, and have lots of little boutique stores. And both as a whole have a lower pedestrian scale that is not as urban/dense/tall as say Soho in NY or Recoleta in BA, but, at the same time, have a few new modern residential buildings that have recently arrived too.

Neighborhoods are always in transition so am sure this will change, and others might have different impressions from their experiences in NY and BA.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hola Neostructuralist! Thank you very much for your feedback! It's always interesting to share different impressions. I missed Williamsburg, so I'll have to go back to visit it :) Too many things to do/see in NY. Saludos!

12:38 PM  

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