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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Restaurant review / Crítica de restaurante: La Escondida

Tonight I had dinner at La Escondida, a hugh barn-like parrilla located on Costa Rica St. between Scalabrini Ortiz Ave. and Malabia. I ordered a bife de chorizo, which was very good, however my side dish never arrived. The salad bar and dessert (panqueque de dulce-de-leche) were excellent but service was extremely poor and the couvert at $4.30 was expensive considering the missing paper napkins (which I had to get from another table). Generous serving size but seats very uncomfortable.
Hoy cené en La Escondida, una parrilla enorme con estilo campestre, ubicada en Costa Rica, entre Av. Scalabrini Ortiz y Malabia. Pedí un bife de chorizo que estuvo bien, pero mi guarnición jamás llegó. El salad bar y el postre (panqueque de dulce-de-leche) estuvieron excelentes, pero la atención fue pésima y me pareció caro el cubierto a $4,30 para servilletas de papel inexistentes (me tuve que levantar y traer de otra mesa). El tamaño de las porciones fue generoso pero los asientos muy duros e incómodos.
Hoje jantei na enorme parrilla La Escondida, que fica na rua Costa Rica entre a Avenida Scalabrini Ortíz e Malabia. O bife de chorizo foi bem gostoso porém a guarnição nunca chegou. O salad bar e a sobremesa (panqueque de doce-de-leite) foram excelentes mas o atendimento foi péssimo. E achei o couvert caro ($4,30) considerando que os guardanapos eram inexistentes e de papel (tive que pegar os da mesa ao lado). As porções foram generosas mas as cadeiras muito duras e inconfortáveis.


Blogger El Marpla said...

4.30 el cubierto!!!!!!!!!!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Dalila said...

Si!! Decir que los platos no eran demasiado caros. No pienso volver!

8:39 PM  
Blogger ghibaro said...

$4.30 el cubierto es mucho. Pero hay que tener en cuenta que los precios son buenos para la calidad de los platos igual que el salad bar. Tambien los vinos (si tomas) estan a buen precio comparado con restaurantes de similar categoria.

12:41 PM  
Blogger J said...

I at at La Escondida last night, December 14th 2007, and overall I would tell people to avoid this restaurant.

First we were seated under an air-conditioner duct, so cold that we asked to be moved, so they put us literally in the Corner of the Restaurant, behind a bush.
Uncomfortable chairs, slow service, had to send a steak back to be cooked longer as it was still raw on the inside when we asked for it well-done. The side dishes were almost OK at best. Batatas Fritas were greasy, cold, flavorless and not worth it.
The Spinich ravioli with Pesto sauce tasted horrible, mushy, and flavorless to bad,...
The Bread rolls were hard as rocks, and when we asked for fresher, less hard rolls, we were told that they were all this way, Totally worthless. Oh yea, the salad bar, OK barely, but not great by a longshot,... and the best part of the meal was the CocaaCola.

Dont waste your time or Money.

Jockamo Feenahey

10:39 PM  

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