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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Restaurant Lo de Jesús

Last night I had dinner at Lo de Jesús, a shabby kitsch parrilla located at the corner of Gurruchaga and Cabrera. We ordered “callos a la madrileña”, tenderloin, grilled vegetables, a mix of different types of champignons with parsley & garlic and ravioli. Service was outstanding. All portions were large (except the pasta) and delicious. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Check out their menu here.
Anoche cené en Lo de Jesús, una parrilla “shabby kitsch” ubicada en la esquina de Gurruchaga y Cabrera. Pedimos callos a la madrileña, lomo, vegetales grillados, hongos a la provenzal y ravioles. El servicio fue excelente. Las porciones son abundantes (menos la pasta) y deliciosas. El ambiente es muy agradable. Lo recomiendo. Menú.
Ontem jantei em Lo de Jesús, uma parrilla “shabby kitsch” situada na esquina da Gurruchaga e Cabrera. Pedimos “callos a la madrileña”, lomo, vegetais grelhados, champignons à provençal e ravioles. O atendimento foi excelente. Os pratos eram abundantes (menos a pasta) e deliciosos. Ambiente muito agradável. Aqui está o cardápio.



Blogger Alan said...

"A Bad Experience".

I traved to Buenos Aires last week and checked out the recommendation on this restaurant. I was extremely disappointed in my dining experience. The place seemed to have great potential with a packed dining room.

We ordered starters, main entree's and a bottle of wine. The starters took over one hour to arrive. The muscles were old and smelled strong. They were dried out and shribbled up to a pea. We didn't want to get sick, so we let it slip and went on to an arrugula salad. Again, the salad was turning yellow and not fresh produce. it was a bad quality and should have been discarded.

OK, we still did not get too ugly by complaining, but the worst was a veal steak that was suppose to be medium and it was charred and cooked to death. (This took about 45 minutes to get after the starters.) We returned it and it took over a half hour to get the second one to the table. This time it was the tough and full of fat and grizzle. I could not eat it. "How could veal be tough?" The owner came over and did appoligize. Seems the chef took off on a Friday night and he had two waiters call out that night. I can usually let go of a night like this, however the owner made no adjustments to the bill at full price.

The unfortunate thing is that I switched my reservation from another more known restaurant to try this one out hoping to have more local B.A. cusine. I trusted this blog site and went with your recommendation.

I would not recommend that anyone else go to "Lo de Jesus", and get a dissapointing meal such as we had last Friday evening.

In general, all of the other restaurants we tried were terrific, for food, service and atmosphere.

Alan from New York.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Dalila said...

Alan, I'm sorry about your bad experience. It seems it was a night with a lot of inconvenients, as the owner of the restaurant informed you. I can only tell you that I write these reviews based on my own personal experience altogether with the people who share the table with me. I had a very nice experience in this restaurant. You can also verify comments made by other people in the following links: Bon Appétit at Epicurious (,, & Guía Oleo ( Anyway, I encourage my readers to share their experiences about this or any other restaurant in the area. That's what blogging is about: sharing experiences.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Alan said...


I believe you had a good experince, but it was just not the same for me unfortunately.

Thanks for your update.

Let me know if you need a few good places to dine when you travel to New York City.


10:25 PM  
Blogger Dalila said...

Thanks, Alan, and thank you for reading my blog.

11:50 PM  
Blogger WillyWonker said...

Jan 27th 2009 - I had a very good meal at Lo de Jesus tonight. A beautifully grilled rib eye, an arugula salad and flan with dulche de leche for 82 pesos. ($23.70, USD) The service was excellent, and the meal was served quickly for BA. The patio has a very nice atmosphere also. - Will H.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Alan's experience sounds like an anomaly... I also had a great experience at Lo de Jesus on the recommendation of the staff at Hotel Ultra! We found that sometimes our (American) definition of medium or medium well was't the same when traveling in BA, but we adjusted and asked for things less well done than we really wanted. Food for thought.

11:39 AM  

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