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This is the first polyglot blog about places & events of Palermo Viejo, the trendiest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. / Primer blog políglota sobre lugares y eventos de Palermo Viejo, el barrio más “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Este é o primeiro blog poliglota sobre lugares e eventos de Palermo Viejo, o bairro mais “trendy” de Buenos Aires. / Premier blog polyglot sur boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et événements de Palermo Viejo, le quartier plus “trendy” de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New shops on El Salvador St. / Tiendas nuevas en la calle El Salvador / Lojas novas na rua El Salvador

I have tendonitis, then, here is a short post. Andrea Garmendia is located between Scalabrini Ortíz Ave. & Malabia, and Muaa, between Malabia & Armenia. Versatil closed down.
Tengo tendinitis, así que este es un mini post. Andrea Garmendia abrió recientemente su local en El Salvador entre Malabia y Scalabrini Ortiz y Muaa, en la cuadra siguiente, entre Malabia y Armenia. Versatil cerró.

Estou com tendinite, então este post será brevíssimo. Andrea Garmendia inaugurou loja entre Scalabrini Ortiz e Malabia e Muaa, entre Malabia e Armenia. A loja Versatil fechou.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Muaa site wouldn’t open for me, but thanks for posting the links. I only just discovered your site, but it’s a fantastic resource, and I especially like the fact that you incorporate three languages. Sadly, the only one of the three I know is English, but it speaks to your willingness to take other cultures into account -- a sort of proto-accessibility success whether or not you intended it. And incidentally, I’ve dealt with tendonitis myself before, and it is a pain. Your best bet is to try to use your hand as little as possible. When I had mine, I think I basically had to keep it in a brace for something like six weeks. Inconvenient, but until I finally did what the doctor told me to it never actually went away.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Dalila said...

Fragrances, thanks for your comments. I just checked the Muaa link and it's opening ok. I do love languages and I'm happy to share this part of the world with other cultures. Tendonitis is a pain and I'm trying not to use the computer, but it is really hard. I hope to get better soon. Regards.

11:21 AM  

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